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Thank you for your interest in our upcoming 9th season of the Hampton Village Blood Bowl League. This upcoming season we hope to have an extremely organized, yet fun, set of games. That being said we can only do this with your help. In the League Rules Section I have detailed out the rules and guidelines for the league itself. If you have any questions please contact Doug Childs. One of the key elements to this league running smoothly is communication and completing your matches during the allocated time periods.

Season 9 will begin August 24, 2018.

Anyway good luck and happy hobbying.
-Doug Childs (a.k.a. the Boss)

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Aug. 23rd, 2018 - old news
S9 Rules Link Updated
I have update the HVBBL Rules link for all Season 9 updates.
- Doug C
July 22nd, 2016 - old news
Rules Link Updated
I have update the HVBBL Rules link for all Season 7 updates.
- Doug C
Sep. 4th, 2014 - old news
Underworld Cup '14
Fellow coaches,

One of our own, Sol, co-hosts an annual Bloodbowl tournament called Underworld Cup. As far as I know, it is the longest running recognized US Bloodbowl tournament. The tournament is November 8 and 9 in Franklin, MI. That is basically Telegraph and 696. I scanned the attendance list and saw 29 confirmed coaches. I also saw as many as 7 coaches from our league attending, including your Commish. I would like to encourage all of you to try and attend this tournament. HVBBL coach Bell won it last year. Lets see if HVBBL can make it two in a row. I have included a link that will give you all the information you need. You can also contact Sol directly through the website or by email. Lets go own this tournament!

- Doug C
June 1st, 2014 - old news
Season 4 Officially Over
I want to thank everybody for playing Season 4. It was a good year with a lot of great Bloodbowl memories.

The Championship and 3rd/4th place games were played at my house last night along with coaches who came to watch and cheer on their favorite teams. Full results are posted in the matches section but to summarize here:
Detroit Rat Bastards defeated Hthark's Heroes 3-2. Rat Bastards takes 3rd place overall and received $20. Congrats!
In the championship game, Zog Off defeated Necro Nightmares 2-0 winning the Season 4 title. Zog Off received $30 and the skill fan favorite to any player. Necro chose fan favorite to be added to a random rostered player. Congrats to both!

I want to again thank you all for participating. I also want to thank the coaches who stopped over to watch the games, grill out and play board games. A fantastic evening indeed.

Enjoy the time off.
- Doug C
Apr. 29th, 2014 - old news
Playoff Results
This is truly my favorite time of the Bloodbowl year. The postseason! 2 teams are 1 step closer to the HVBBL trophy. I am inspired to share what I know.

Ulthuan Division

Changer of Plays 7-4-5, 26 pts. at Zog Off 9-1-6, 33 pts

This game was played Saturday morning at my house. An epic battle. Zog Off took an early lead. Changer was not gaining any casualty ground and was feeling desperate for a score. In turn 14 his backup ball carrier (the primary one received a serious injury) was trapped along the sideline. Zog Off's coach decided to put the final nail in Changer's coffin by launching a fireball. The result knocked 4 Changer players to the ground, including the ball carrier. Zog Off was not expecting the next series of events. The ball scattered out of bounds and the Zog Off fans threw it back in, 4 paces away from the Zog Off end zone. Zog Off had over committed to the sideline and was unable to reach the ball. Top of turn 15 saw a Changer warrior scoop up the ball and plow his way in for the tying score. Overtime looked guaranteed. But this is Bloodbowl. Anything can happen. Bottom turn 15 saw Zog Off pick up and pass the ball to a blitzer who ran to the left sideline with two orcs protecting. Top turn 16, Changer moved his remaining players into perfect defensive positions and prayed to Khorne and Nuffle to be kind. Zog Off was able to break open a small hole and his blitzer shot through. The blitzer ran his little orc heart out, rolled a gfi and dove into the end zone as time expired. A thrilling 2-1 Zog Off victory.

Zog Off defeats Changer of Plays 2-1

He now waits for the Epoch of Unlife at Hthark's Heroes winner. Will he host Epoch or travel to Heroes stadium in the dark realms? We shall see. It is already being billed as a bloodbath and that's just in the lines to buy tickets!

Naggaroth Division

Poletown Punishers 8-5-3, 27 pts at Necro Nightmares 11-2-3, 36 pts

This game just finished. It was billed as the #1 seed in all of HVBBL at home vs a rookie coach. A no brainer for the great gambling houses in the Old World. But, Poletown's fans made the trip in droves and actually outnumbered the hometown Necro fans. A fantastic showing that inspired Poletown to play beyond their years. The Punishers played with a grit and determination only veteran teams exhibit. They managed to keep the Nightmares at bay and were tied 1-1 at halftime. But there are 2 halves to Bloodbowl and some key turning points in the game occurred in the second half. First, Necro was able to take out the Punishers' star player, Reggie. The Punishers would not be denied though. They were able to get the ball and weave through Nightmare players as if they were standing still. Making dodges that only an elf could make. Could they score and actually take a 2-1 lead with 3/4 of the game gone? A final streak to the end zone...adrenaline pumping..a go for it was attempted..just a little more...a stumble...but a re roll was attempted and NO! the Punisher collapsed to the ground losing the ball and a chance at glory. Necro was able to gather up the ball, work his way down the other side and score in the bottom of turn 15. A thrilling victory for Necro and a devastating defeat for the young Punishers. The Punishers coach has threatened revenge. Perhaps next year.

Necro Nightmares defeats Poletown Punishers 2-1

Necro now waits to host the winner of the Quetzal Conquerors at Detroit Rat Bastards game. We all can't wait to see the game on Cabalvision.

- Doug C

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