Match result

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Green Grinders

gate: 26 000
0 TD score 1
cas score
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Down with the Sickness

TD Scorers
Mingo Pwyll
Foulers (no cas)

Wren "Reaper" Bounty (500000 gp)
fans / random event
Badly Hurt'ers
Serious Injurers
The Guy

Completions By
Brett farvarra Bounty (500000 gp)
Interceptions By

Grom Bounty (500000 gp)
MVP awards to
Curly Lambean
  Sustained Injuries  

Miss Next Game
Chal Loine dead
Result added January 3rd, 2019

Match notes
Grinder pre match TV 1890. 50k spiral exp
Re'Gret collected 5spp bounty from Chal kill

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