The Cripplepeak Corsairs

Race:  Goblin
Coach:  Chuck T
A ragtag collection of former galley slaves, The Cripplepeak Corsairs won their freedom during a pickup game against their Chaos Dwarf masters, using a combination of makeshift secret weapons and rage born of frustration. They took the ship, making their living using a combination of Bloodbowl and off-season piracy.

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Tournaments played:
Playing in:
HVBBL Season 9
Trophies won:

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Latest matches:
HVBBL Season 9, Round 4
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HVBBL Season 9, Round 4
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HVBBL Season 9, Round 4
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HVBBL Season 9, Round 4
  1    Old Gods Glory
  2    Down with the Sic...
HVBBL Season 9, Round 4
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  2    Big Paleo
HVBBL Season 9, Round 4
  2    Green Grinders
  2    Fatal Federation
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