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Thank you for your interest in our upcoming 12th season of the Hampton Village Blood Bowl League. This upcoming season we hope to have an extremely organized, yet fun, set of games. That being said we can only do this with your help. In the League Rules Section I have detailed out the rules and guidelines for the league itself. If you have any questions please contact Doug Childs. One of the key elements to this league running smoothly is communication and completing your matches during the allocated time periods.

Season 12 will begin in the Fall of 2021.

Anyway good luck and happy hobbying.
-Commish (a.k.a. the Boss)

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Mar. 13th, 2020 - old news
COVID-19 Update
"Until further notice:
1) There will be no deadline to play your matches and there will be no forfeits issued for the remainder of Season 10. This includes the remainder of the regular season, the playoffs, and the optional tournament.
2) If you suspect you are sick or have come into contact with anyone who is sick or were in a high risk area, please do not play any matches. This will hopefully slow down the spread of this virus and anything else. Then, contact medical folks, but only AFTER you let your opponent know that you shouldn't play. Priorities, right?
3) Many of us have children or work with the elderly or come into contact with children and the elderly. If you are in any way uncomfortable getting together with anyone in HVBBL to play your match and risk possible exposure, please contact your opponent and let them know you'd like to wait for this pandemic to pass."

In short, if you think you're sick and/or feel uncomfortable meeting up with someone to play, HVBBL understands this and there will be no forfeits at this time. I do want to say again, though, that since we're all adults, can exercise good judgement and we tend to meet in small groups, you MAY play your matches. Contact your opponent, work it out, and play. Wash your hands, use sanitizer and be careful. I will load any matches that come my way.

Stay Safe
- Doug C
Feb. 26th, 2020 - old news
S10 Rules Link Updated
I have updated the S10 HVBBL living rules through Feb 26, 2020.
- Doug C
June 10th, 2019 - old news
Season 9 Complete
All, Season 9 is complete. Thanks to all the coaches who participated this year. Congratulations to our playoff and tournament winners. Season 10 starts August 23, 2019. I will be contacting you during the month of July to set things up.
- Doug C
Aug. 23rd, 2018 - old news
S9 Rules Link Updated
I have update the HVBBL Rules link for all Season 9 updates.
- Doug C
July 22nd, 2016 - old news
Rules Link Updated
I have update the HVBBL Rules link for all Season 7 updates.
- Doug C

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